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  • adj. Not divined.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ divined


  • Not marvelling at anything new and unknown and undivined; but filled with a sacred joy at finding herself unchanged — she, the woman of earth — in the higher, freer, happier region — after the long, dreamless sleep of death.

    When We Dead Awaken

  • And now came for him one of those moments in life, which, unlooked-for, undivined, send before them no promise of being different, in any way, from the commonplace moments that make up the balance of our days.

    Maurice Guest

  • His sensitive nature was still smarting under the lashes of an undivined and squalid way of life.

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

  • He will attack his subject in unexpected places; he will fall upon the flank, or the rear; he will shoot a sudden, revealing searchlight into obscure recesses, hither-to undivined.


  • He was dimly conscious of the awakening in him of undivined pressures, the stirring of attenuated yet persisting influences.

    The Three Black Pennys A Novel

  • His unrest was without tangible features; it permeated him from an undivined cause, oppressed him with indefinable longing.

    Mountain Blood A Novel

  • All at once, before he had spoken a word, before he had even seen the look on their countenances, he realized that he stood on the threshold of a new world, a system of society of which he was ignorant and by whose undivined laws he was suddenly to be judged.

    The Varmint

  • The black-flies they had not foreseen, nor comprehended the depth of the winter's cold; the countless ill turns of a land that has no pity were undivined.

    Maria Chapdelaine; a Tale of the Lake St. John country

  • In the actual sounds of many of the Hebrew letters lies a singular power, unguessed by the majority, undivined especially, of course, by the mere scholar, but available for the pure in heart who may discover how to use their extraordinary values.

    The Human Chord

  • Something deep within me, something undivined hitherto, called out into life by his presence, could not do without him.

    The Centaur


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