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  • adjective Not doctrinaire.


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un- +‎ doctrinaire


  • A prot é g é of William F. Buckley Jr. who moved leftward; a devout Catholic who writes for the New York Review of Books; an author who has translated Saint Augustine and written "Nixon Agonistes," "Bare Ruined Choirs" and a Pulitzer-Prize winning book about the Gettysburg Address, Mr. Wills has always been his own man — an undoctrinaire, self-effacing contrarian.

    A Guide to This Week

  • Rigorous step-by-step procedures are nowhere apparent in the art-making of this intuitive and undoctrinaire 79-year-old.

    Too Restless for the Rules

  • This means avoiding even such apparently undoctrinaire measures as 'average annual income' also a Lewis yardstick.


  • To my ear, "There you go" conveys an inviting friendliness, a good-humored openness, sunny acceptance, undoctrinaire inclusiveness indispensable attitudes for the shopping season. PHEEVR AND NUNLEY.

  • Are these just gratuitous adjectives used to give an impression of weight and authority - because that's what they seem like to an ordinary undoctrinaire and unindoctrinated 'wo/man on the street'.

    Philocrites: We have no position. Yet.

  • He survived, as it happens, for almost that entire period, an elder revered for his stylish jokes and rehabilitated as a repository of undoctrinaire wisdom that could be used against the Thatcherite ideologists.

    An Unlikely Demon

  • Whereas Mrs. Stowe or her fellows would have thought of themselves as writing fiction considerably—or even primarily—for the sake of its moral consequences, Eggleston, having read Taine’s Art in the Netherlands, undertook to portray the life of southern Indiana in the faithful, undoctrinaire spirit of a Dutch painter, and wrote The Hoosier School-Master (1871).

    Chapter 6. Howells and Realism. Section 1. New Frontiers and Old Settlements

  • His sympathies seem broad and undoctrinaire, subversively Christian in the ideal sense of the word, "says Blythe, now the literary editor at Men's Journal, which will soon publish an original Johnson novella.

    Arts Extra: Books: Dispatches From The Fringe

  • 's new book review, Posner says that Kennedy - who has earned a reputation as an undoctrinaire, swing-vote judge - "delights in gaseous pronouncements", emits "vacuous New Age rhetoric", and that he "tacks to the political winds or votes his ideological fancy."

    The Court


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