undomesticated love


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  • adj. Not domesticated

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not domesticated; not accustomed to a family life.
  • Not tamed, as an animal.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. not domesticated
  • adj. unaccustomed to home life


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  • "undomesticated," including blacks and non-assimilated immigrants, were linked to immorality by examining more closely some of the origins of domesticity.

    Acting 'Natural': Vanity Fair and the UnMasking of Anglo-American Sentiment

  • As for the exterior styling: I think it just rips—unhinged, subversive, undomesticated, and not at all pretty.

    Mini's Hot Coupe: Drive It—If Your Pal Buys One

  • Shelob, Smaug, the Balrog ... in their astounding names, the fearful verve of their descriptions, their various undomesticated malevolence, these creatures are utterly embedded in our world-view.

    China Miéville on J.R.R. Tolkien

  • But since the instinct must have been developed during the predomestication period, how under the sun could his wild, undomesticated ancestors have experienced the close, long - continued, and vital contact with man?

    The Other Animals

  • Its philosophy and tone were so juvenile, so entirely undomesticated, that it made Playboy look like Camus.

    Where Have The Good Men Gone?

  • To deepen his predicament, because he is single, his advisers and confidants are generally undomesticated guys just like him.

    Where Have The Good Men Gone?

  • In this study spanning 40 years and involving more than 10,000 foxes, researchers re-created the process of domestication by taking undomesticated commercial farm foxes and selectively breeding them solely for tameness over many generations.

    Sophia Yin: Why It's Risky to Have Wild Animals as Pets

  • The previously undomesticated boy quickly realizes that half-measures like hastily buying his little cousin a pre-packaged lunch at a convenience store on the way to kindergarten can have traumatic consequences in a milieu where bringing in an amateurish or non-homemade bento is perceived as a symptom of a shamefully inadequate family.

    Daddies dearest

  • Last summer, after Ocean Park, Md., resident Joseph Wayne Short began walking Hillary, his four-foot-long iguana on the boardwalk, the city council passed an ordinance prohibiting undomesticated animals from mingling with the public, according to City Solicitor Guy Ayres.

    Leapin' Lizards! Service Animals Are Multiplying Like Doggone Rabbits

  • That day, I saw thousands of these undomesticated animals react as their natural behavior dictated they should to any threat.

    Andrew Gunther: Putting Bison on Feedlots: Unnatural, Unnecessary, Unsafe


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