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  • adjective Not dominated.


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un- +‎ dominated


  • Mirrlees's model, the desired allocation can be effectuated under the weakest equilibrium condition used, i.e., "solution in undominated strategies".

    Additional background material on the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1996

  • That is where the East was undominated, sovereign, and master of its own fate.

    Radovan Karadzic's website and blog

  • And with the new Democratic Congress undominated by Dixiecrats for the first time in a hundred years, the fight for universal health care is going to mirror a whole series of clashes with corporate power that include the Employee Free Choice Act, negotiations with Medicare, net neutrality, media consolidation, war profiteering, corruption in the food industry, shareholder abuses, etc.

    Universal Health Care Run by Psychotics

  • Conversely, one may be undominated by anyone else, yet lack (for various reasons) many of the different valuable options that might be available to some who are highly subject to the power of others (e.g., adolescent children of wealthy parents, or prisoners in minimum-security facilities).


  • In the silvery pure air of this undominated continent she could swim like a fish that is just born, alone in a crystal ocean.


  • This explanation seems to me inadequate; and in any case it will not account for the predominance of formal fashions in ages undominated by any masterful genius.


  • The conquest of Mysore left only the Mahratta confederacy undominated by British authority.

    Ten Englishmen of the Nineteenth Century

  • It was true that they must be out of the world, undominated by its principles and out of love with its spirit; but in another sense they must live in its heart.

    The King's Achievement

  • The city of Venice, as yet undominated, though on the brink of her fall, was totally excluded.

    The Liberation of Italy

  • That which he has from nature is indeed good, but if it remains as mere unspiritualized, undominated nature, then it becomes for him evil, — becomes something of which he is to be ashamed.

    Christian Ethics. Volume II.���Pure Ethics.


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