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  • adj. Lacking dots


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  • *The correct Turkish spelling is with an undotted "i", or Aydın.

    Stuck between Arthurine and Bauer

  • The correct spelling of "Ayin 9'una ucak bileti alirsak" is "Ayın 9'una uçak bileti alırsak" note the undotted "i"s.

    Gülümseyin* if you can relate to this post

  • Not one T was uncrossed or not one I undotted without, without his consent or his concurrence.

    What Tom said on the Green report

  • For one thing, Turkish had 8 vowel sounds now represented by a, e, u, ü, o, ö, i and ı—the undotted i, whereas Arabic had only 3.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • The long “ee” for instance, is represented by placing the “e” tehtar above what looks like an undotted “j”.

    Rambles at » Blog Archive » Doubled vowels and Elvish ASCII

  • Using brackets, we can put back into my sentence the words I left out, in undotted ellipsis, because they are understood.

    No Uncertain Terms

  • The darkness undotted by lamps denotes the river Nord and Vereisen Bay beyond.

    The Spellsong War

  • Through the window, points of orange and yellow mark the larger lamps lighting the harbor piers, and the lines of darkness undotted by lamps denote the River Nord and the outlines of Vereisen Bay.

    The Soprano Sorceress

  • Long vowels were usually represented by placing the tehta on the ‘long carrier’, of which a common form was like an undotted j.

    The Lord of the Rings

  • When there was no consonant present in the required position, the tehta was placed above the ‘short carrier’, of which a common form was like an undotted i.

    The Lord of the Rings


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