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  • adj. undreamed-of


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  • Sure, one could argue that the industrial economy and industrial-age institutions brought us centuries of unprecedented productivity, knowledge accumulation and innovation that resulted in undreamt-of wealth and prosperity.

    Don Tapscott: Macrowikinomics : The Choice Between Atrophy or Renaissance

  • In fact, progressive values allow us the best opportunity to survive and succeed in the future world that is simultaneously bristling with unprecedented danger and beckoning with undreamt-of opportunity for our children and future generations -- if we go there together.

    Robert Creamer: 10-2-10 Rally Gives Progressives a Chance to Stand Up Straight

  • I knew him to be strange, yet this was an undreamt-of facet of the unnatural and the bizarre.

    The Monstrumologist

  • There is potential for suffering on a scale undreamt-of, and for very much longer than a normal lifespan.

    Analytic and Synthetic Brains

  • Nevertheless, just as Americans who have second homes and servants find a way to identify as “middle class,” expressing an affinity and a personal comfort zone more than the sum of a financial calculation, some of us—uncannily, both Tillie Olsen and myself—identify as “working class” even though our lives have brought us resources and opportunities undreamt-of by our forebears.

    Ideas of Class

  • Let me see, in that time frame, the US have played a pivotal role in the collpase of communism, thus freeing hundreds of millions of people from totalitarian oppression; they have fuelled and led the internet technology boom and thus the globalisation of markets, which has opened up undreamt-of opportuinies for personal growth and prosperity for millions of Chinese, Indians, and indirectly even Africans and Latin-Americans.

    Cameron & the US

  • Paradoxically, whereas globalization has opened up previously undreamt-of vistas in terms of communication, discovery and contacts with others, the justified fear that this great planetary shift sometimes arouses is increasingly leading people to raise barriers.

    Moving Beyond Fear:

  • A moment of heart-searching in that particular matter led to the discovery of hitherto undreamt-of kindred with

    Love and Mr Lewisham

  • Now he knew the spot, and would in due time guide his starving friends hither and make one great camp, where all would live in undreamt-of ease, unrealisable superfluity of food.

    My Tropic Isle

  • If we go back 40 years or so, to the dawn of what the Sunday supplement used to call the age of automation, it was freely predicted that the new machines would not only confer prosperity but undreamt-of leisure on our grandparents 'children, which, I guess, is us.

    Wizards of Wall Street Have No Real Answers


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