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  • adj. Not driven


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  • Inherited wealth is sometimes lazy and undriven, but most of the time it is the opposite -- productive and driven.

    Steve Mariotti: Up in Maine

  • The man who had drawn I-69 with a Magic Marker in Shreveport in 1991 stood in the crowd on the undriven concrete and watched while the Mississippians filed down off the stage and lined up along the ribbon with pairs of scissors.

    Interstate 69

  • Cars sitting undriven aren't causing global warming.

    New Cars Starting To Pile Up As A Result Of Economic Downturn

  • By the way, what advice can you give me regarding leaving a vehicle undriven for two to three months garaged in one of our homes while we live in the other home.

    Car care in Mexico

  • Those empty houses and undriven cars Jerezano mentioned have been waiting in Mexico for them.

    Page 2

  • It shall sooner burst, than voluntarily, uncompelled, undriven, dictate a measure that shall cast a slur either upon them, or upon my sex.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • I tend to associate with lazy types who are "undriven and low."

    The Racially Profiled Mugshot of Dorian Grey

  • His session description very clearly demonstrates both incompetence and unethical behavior . . . regardless of Jackson's guilt or innocence which is an entirely different matter, albeit I tend not to buy the whole pure as undriven snow the Jackson sycophants are pushing.

    Uri Geller's Report . . .. . . on the Hypnosis Session he did with Michael Jackson . . .. . . bad trance management

  • Way up Adelaide Road, over the railway bridge, undriven came a low cart.

    At Swim, Two Boys

  • We kept on oohing and ahhhing over the book's beautiful, car-free on-ramps, off-ramps, and overpasses - "So clean and pure and undriven."



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