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  • adj. Not drooping.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ drooping


  • The bride, glowing in the happy consciousness of her own beauty, and deified by the great tenderness that enveloped her new estate like a golden mist, said her farewells with steady voice and undrooping eyes.

    The Homesteaders A Novel of the Canadian West

  • Could a girl steal out to meet and kiss a man in the moonlight and the next morning look at him with a limpid, undrooping eye as devoid of consciousness as the eye of a preoccupied cat?

    The Emigrant Trail

  • Her eye was clear, her skin fresh, her shoulders undrooping.

    The Girl at the Halfway House A Story of the Plains

  • She stepped to the place at the regent's right hand, with head high and eyes undrooping.

    The Mississippi Bubble

  • a peasantry bigoted in proportion to their ignorance, his position is one of difficulty and danger; but he goes on with undrooping energy, convinced that, though the progress is slow, the good seed has not been sown in vain, and will, in due time, bear fruit, though those who first sowed it may have passed away.

    Brittany & Its Byways

  • The female owl inhabits the desolate and bleak Northern tundra and lays her eggs in a hole she scratches from the frozen ground all by herself and is not as spectacularly marked as the male, would never be as spectacular, in fact she was kind of homely by comparison, except for her eyes which were yellow and lazy-lidded, drooping and undrooping, a lot like her ex-boyfriend's eyes after they'd made love or when he was smoking pot. - Home Page


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