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  • Undutiful.


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  • Inasmuch as the disinherison or omission by parents of their children has generally no good reason, those children who complain that they have been wrongfully disinherited or passed over have been allowed to bring an action impeaching the will as unduteous, under the pretext that the testator was of unsound mind at the time of its execution.

    The Institutes of Justinian

  • "But for a free man, and so proud a man as Herdegen, to be a slave to a misbelieving Heathen, far away from all he loves, and chidden and punished for every unduteous look; Oh, Margery! to think of that!"

    Margery — Volume 07

  • Ah, and how many a time have I imagined that I might myself rise and fly after my froward, dear, unduteous exile, my own

    Margery — Volume 07

  • At last, however, she was obliged to put a good face on the matter, for the Empress herself expressed so decidedly her wish to take Balbilla with her to the Nile, that any resistance would have been unduteous.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Georg Ebers Works

  • Ah, and how many a time have I imagined that I might myself rise and fly after my froward, dear, unduteous exile, my own Gotz, be he where he may, over mountains and seas to the ends of the earth!

    Margery — Complete

  • I grieve to think _Mary_ can sometimes be a little spightfull as well as unduteous.

    Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary

  • 2 Children fully adopted, in accordance with the distinction drawn in our constitution, can bring this action as well as natural children, but neither can do so unless there is no other mode in which they can obtain the property of the deceased: for those who can obtain the inheritance wholly or in part by any other title are barred from attacking a will as unduteous.

    The Institutes of Justinian

  • 7 In what we have said of the fourth we must be understood to mean that whether there be one person only, or more than one, who can impeach the will as unduteous, onefourth of the whole inheritance may be given them, to be divided among them all proportionately, that is to say, to each person a fourth of what he would have had if the testator had died intestate.

    The Institutes of Justinian

  • 4 If a guardian accepts, under his own father's will, a legacy on behalf of the pupil under his charge, the father having left nothing to him personally, he is in no way debarred from impeaching his father's will as unduteous on his own account.

    The Institutes of Justinian

  • 1 Parents may impeach the wills of their children as unduteous, as well as children those of their parents.

    The Institutes of Justinian


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