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  • adj. Not elected

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not elected; not chosen; not preferred.


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  • Expect to hear the phrase "unelected judges" a lot. Front Page

  • One of the best reviews of the dire one eye'd cuntfuck, without calling unelected PM Gordon a cuntfuck that is; that I have read in a fair while.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • Greeks despite the EU treaty's "no bailout" clause are fuming against a "transfer union", while the high-spending French seethe at the notion of unelected bureaucrats forcing austerity on them.

    Moneycontrol Top Headlines

  • Mr. Harper, who campaigned on a promise not to name unelected Canadians to the Senate, says he was forced to revert to traditional appointments because he has been unable to push his vision of Senate reform through what until Friday was a Liberal-dominated body.

    Top Stories - Google News

  • So do carbon-emitting industries, like automakers and power plants, who hate the idea of unelected, harder-to-lobby bureaucrats controlling their future.


  • You'll be known as the unelected Prime Minister who traded oil for justice, let down 270 innocent victims of the Lockerbie disaster, did shady deals with a tinpot dictator, and chose a 'special relationship' with Libya over our staunch friend and ally, the United States of America.

    A New Dark Age Is Dawning

  • There is a Lakeside person trolling about here Dawg identifies as the unelected president of his fan club who has been sending Dawg poison pen letters utilizing the Mexconnect PM function and, over the past few days she has declared me an abusive drunk and immoderate poster of self-centered comments on my life´s experiences and she may have a point there as most of the things I find relevant happened to or around Dawg and I do like my booze.

    Remarkable Incongruity

  • Corporations can be "unelected" much more easily and are in fact much more often.

    Privatizing Defense vs. Socializing Medicine, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Yes, there were other "unelected" prime ministers, but none of them were spiteful, deluded ego-maniacs presiding over a cabinet of malevolent misfits and reviled by a nation which has endured 12 years of their East German nonsense.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • This is something Governor Paterson, who's one of these "unelected" officials (the Lt. Governor is like the Vice President, he isn't elected on his own) has to take into account when he appoints a successor to Hillary Clinton

    Eric Lurio: A Certain Mrs. Schlossberg


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