unembarrassing love


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  • adj. Not embarrassing.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ embarrassing


  • I had thought $200,000 sounded like a large and unembarrassing number.

    Why I Fired My Broker

  • To attempt a novel modeled on "War and Peace" is easy; to write one that is unembarrassing by comparison is not.

    A Different Stripe:

  • I found him a most unusually comfortable and unembarrassing Englishman.

    Mark Twain: A Biography

  • The shabby, violent-coloured place encompassed him like an easy garment, and the lady, with her feet tucked up in a sofa and a cushion under her tumbled head, was an unembarrassing invitation to the kind of happy things he had not said for years.

    Hilda A Story of Calcutta

  • Albert himself might have objected to any emotional expression that was too clearly to be seen; but he would have welcomed one which, cloaked in an unembarrassing obscurity, might at least have been felt.

    On the Stairs

  • They are too shy to ask, and no one ever tells them about it in a business-like and unembarrassing way.

    The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day

  • The point is that in the only way now possible the poet has been brought into a situation in which reading verse aloud seems a natural unembarrassing thing, a normal exchange between man and man: also he has been led to think of his work as SOUND rather than as a pattern on paper.

    Collected Essays

  • Then the millionaire began to talk of engaging a secretary, for his millions were beginning to make themselves troublesome; and he begged Tinker, since he had found him so unembarrassing a valet, to keep his eyes about him for a secretary also; but Tinker said that Monte Carlo was no place to find secretaries who understood business.

    The Admirable Tinker Child of the World

  • And again I sustained the full flattery of that speechless awe which was yet unembarrassing by reason of its freedom from undue solemnity.

    No Hero

  • But the existence in Italy of a large class of female dependants, absolutely outside the social circle of the citizen body, rendered the attachment of the master to his slave girl or to his freedwoman fatally easy and unembarrassing.

    A History of Rome During the Later Republic and Early Principate


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