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  • adj. Not embraceable; not able to be embraced.


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  • In fact, the shrewd little oyster responds to its environment, clasping a twig with claws or cementing itself to an unembraceable host in accordance as contingencies insist.

    My Tropic Isle

  • In our time mathematics has penetrated into economics so solidly, widely and variously, and the chosen theme is connected with such a variety of facts and problems that it brings us to cite the words of Kozma Prutkov which are very popular in our country: "One can not embrace the unembraceable".

    Leonid Vitaliyevich Kantorovich - Prize Lecture

  • The unembraceable status, applied to Africa, is reserved for black males, for dictators and warlords, rapists and killers, for 'dirty' Arabs like Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan, and for former 'Marxist' guerillas, like Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe.

    Dissident Voice

  • Indeed, the rise and fall of ADFL figurehead Laurent Desire Kabila exemplifies the embraceable black leader transformed almost overnight into the unembraceable black fall guy.

    Dissident Voice

  • They are all black men, once embraced by the system and empowered as local or national leaders, and they are now the black stooges who fell from grace to become, in the language of anthropologist and scholar Dr. Enoch Page, "unembraceable."

    Dissident Voice


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