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  • adj. Not having embroidery.
  • adj. Plain, simple, unadorned.


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un- +‎ embroidered


  • He was the Preacher, seeking a moral rehabilitation of post-Watergate America with his unembroidered, down-to-earth Presidency.

    The Prize

  • Apparently this need for embroidered towels was not put out to bid, because Halliburton charged exactly twice what they would for unembroidered towels.

    Leadership, Accountability, & Embroidered Towels

  • To Kirk's ears this unembroidered remark carried a strong undercurrent of emotion.

    Dreams of the Raven

  • Lauren would, fix a simple meal and they would eat on the porch when it was warm enough; by November they ate upon a plain unembroidered tablecloth in the main room.

    Days Between Stations

  • The German author Kotzebue attended the “most imposing spectacle” of a parade on the Place Carrousel; he noticed the deliberate contrast between Napoleon and his staff: “… he made his appearance surrounded by generals and aides-de-camp in magnificent uniforms, but Bonaparte himself wore only a very simple, unembroidered uniform with a plain, plumeless hat.”


  • Velvet and silken suits were worn by the men, handsomely but appropriately trimmed with the fine "punto in aria" or Reticella laces of Venice; and in this and the three succeeding reigns dress was of sumptuous velvets, satins, and heavy silks, unembroidered, but trimmed, and in Charles II. 's time _loaded_ with costly laces.

    Chats on Old Lace and Needlework

  • Just in the nick of time I seized an unembroidered bit firmly between the finger and thumb of both hands and held it a safe distance from me for the medal to be fixed; the situation was saved.

    Fanny Goes to War

  • The actual facts compiled from existing documentary evidence -- including Burton's own letters -- will now be revealed for the first time; and it will be found, as is generally the case, that the unembroidered truth is more interesting than the romance.

    The Life of Sir Richard Burton

  • I thought how I would carry down to you the square of unembroidered blond I had myself prepared as a covering for my low-born head, and ask if that was not good enough for a woman who could bring her husband neither fortune, beauty, nor connections.

    Jane Eyre: an autobiography, Vol. II.

  • His dress consisted of plain leggings of deer skin, fringed at the sides, unembroidered moccasins, and a marro or waist-covering of antelope skin dressed without removing the hair.

    Townsend Chapter 7


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