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  • n. The state or condition of being unemployable.


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unemployable +‎ -ity


  • In her 20's, instead of bemoaning her unemployability, she started a business.

    Professor Florida's kids get *really* creative (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Prison, drug court, mandated rehab & psychiatric medication, homelessness, unemployability, loss of children, and generalized wide scale stigmatization and exclusion.

    Charles Shaw: Chasing Amy: Prohibition & the Infantilization Of Addiction

  • India's biggest challenge is not unemployment, but unemployability.

    Indian Students and the Strangulating State

  • Swathes of the Ovine & Bovine, faced with the likelihood of electoral oblivion now or electoral oblivion in 2010 are not exactly going to rush to have a new leader and the probability of a general election any earlier than is absolutely necessary whilst they still have the nice salary, the allowances and perks to cushion the blow of unemployability.

    Archive 2008-08-03

  • And, I for one would prefer to help these inner city poor kids have a chance to make a success in life than to have them live lives of despair and unemployability.

    Obama Returning Hsu's Money

  • It is a problem of demoralised neighbourhoods, of broken families, of drug and alcohol dependency, of poor schooling, of poor housing and decrepit estates, of unemployment and unemployability, of children growing up with too little hope and too much fear.

    Labour's child poverty failure

  • If you cannot find a tenure-track position, your university will no longer court you; it will pretend you do not exist and will act as if your unemployability is entirely your fault.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • They denied his claim, citing his involvement with VoteVets, an advocacy group that happens to be kicking ass as of late at exposing disgraceful behavior at the VA, as evidence that his PTSD wasn't serious enough to claim unemployability.

    Max and the Marginalized: Joe McCarthy's Spirit Alive and Well at the VA

  • What is somewhat fraudulent, I would argue, is the failure of graduate schools to adjust your expectations prior to you going on the market, and the lack of responsibility many universities feel for your unemployability while they continue to churn out fresh cohorts of you with equally narrow training and expectations.

    Archive 2008-12-01

  • Materially, people are certainly not as poor as they once were, but we're now moving on to deskilling and other kinds of degeneration: unemployment and increasing unemployability; family breakdown; child neglect and abuse; self-harm and self-neglect; abuse of drink and drugs.

    Chris Grayling MP: Please Go to Bottom of Class


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