unencapsulated love


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  • adj. Not encapsulated


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From un- +‎ encapsulated


  • Likewise, a system could be unencapsulated relative to beliefs and utilities yet encapsulated relative to perception; it's not implausible, for example, that the practical reasoning system has this character (again, see §2).

    Modularity of Mind

  • For example, auditory speech perception might be encapsulated relative to beliefs and utilities but unencapsulated relative to vision, as suggested by the McGurk effect

    Modularity of Mind

  • ARD-3150 is a dual release formulation DRCFI, Pulmaquin™ that is a mixture of ARD-3100 with unencapsulated ciprofloxacin.

  • Lymphoid nodules are unencapsulated clusters of lymphocytes ( ~ 1mm).

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  • Alocrest was generally well-tolerated with reversible neutropenia as the most common dose limiting toxicity, and a maximum tolerated dose comparable to unencapsulated vinorelbine in heavily pre-treated patients.


  • New research has found that some unencapsulated fluorescent light bulbs - where the shape of the coil is clearly visible - emit UV radiation that could make the skin red if used for long periods of time closer than 30cm (one foot) to the body.

    Alex Jones' Prison Planet.com

  • A study by the Health Protection Agency found that some unencapsulated fluorescent lightbulbs, which have a coil that is visible, emitted ultraviolet (UV) radiation above the recognised safety limits.

    Irish Blogs

  • Since the unencapsulated fish oil goes directly into your mouth, it’s easy to tell whether it’s rancid or not.

    Oxidized fish oil | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Accordingly, in his modularity thesis, Fodor uses the frame problem to bolster the view that the mind's central processes ” those that are involved in fixing belief ” are “informationally unencapsulated”, meaning that they can draw on information from any source (Fodor 1983;

    The Frame Problem


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