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  • adj. Not encountered.


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un- +‎ encountered


  • The reviews vary by a fair margin and all of them are worthy to read -- Erikson is known to deliver thematically, stylistically and in terms of content rich and multilayered works -- since the individual reviews oftend tend to brush against a previously unencountered aspect of the book.

    In The Limelight - Toll the Hounds (Malazan Book of the Fallen VIII)

  • After all, this is a previously unencountered situation.

    Rules for Secret Keeping

  • Are "real" friends and family at weddings (and funerals!) impressed by these smart, happy, previously-unencountered "friends"?

    Wedding Crashers in Japan

  • With the tenderness of a mother, when she conveys her infant out of danger, the young Scot raised his precious charge in his arms, and while she encircled his neck with one arm, lost to every other thought save the desire of escaping, he would not have wished one of the risks of the night unencountered, since such had been the conclusion.

    Quentin Durward

  • To learn the meaning of an expression is to learn to operate correctly with it; more like learning a piece of drill than like coming across a previously unencountered object (1957, 365).

    Gilbert Ryle

  • Perhaps these capacities for emotional judgment enable strictly moral learning in roughly the same way that chess-players 'trained sensibilities enable them to recognize the threat in a previously unencountered situation on the chessboard (Lance and Tanesini 2004).

    Moral Reasoning

  • So farewell Miriam Hopkins who leans so close when she talks, so long Claudette Clobert as yet unencountered, mysterious Garbo, glamourous Dietrich, exotic Shirley Temple—you will never know me.

    A Life in Letters

  • Conscious awareness is thus of most importance when one is dealing with novel situations and previously unencountered problems or demands (Penfield 1975, Armstrong 1981).


  • For most people, it remains remote and generally unencountered, thank God, not part of our daily ... well, intercourse.

    Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

  • That put the lie to the notion that the attackers were a new, previously unknown and unencountered species.



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