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  • adv. In an unendurable manner; intolerably.

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  • In an unendurable manner; intolerably.


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unendurable +‎ -ly


  • "You come away with a palpable understanding of how unendurably he must be suffering in his body to want to have his own sex characteristics amputated," Wilson wrote.

    Irene Monroe: All About Chaz

  • Yet for the last two years, the venues were so mobbed by people that even badge-holders had to wait for an unendurably long time to get into the most anticipated shows.

    The Hipster Depression

  • The charade endures unendurably: Should the world's richest nation (inequitable as the income distribution may be) which has the 37th "best" medical system for its citizens, at twice the per capita cost of the average of the 36 better systems, with 50 million citizens without any medical insurance -- finally move to a national medical program?

    The Great American Medicine Show

  • But now, watching Sebastian prepare, Martin began to feel unendurably anxious.

    Her Fearful Symmetry

  • It is one of the best biographies I have ever read, though the end is almost unendurably painful

    Turing | clusterflock

  • You see, I was a Marxist for a number of years, not as good or thorough, nor certainly so devoted a Marxist as yourself, although my friend [Jean] Malaquais is more than your match when it comes to Marxist culture, and I was his disciple for a period, and eventually turned away from his thought because I found it — and this word will infuriate you — unendurably arid.

    Norman Mailer: Letters to Jack Abbott

  • "We imagine that we live in an erotic culture of unprecedented opportunity when, in fact, we live in an erotic culture that is almost unendurably bland."

    More Amour

  • The whole thing may sound unendurably cute, but trust me: Ms. Berman is the real deal.

    Welles and the White Whale

  • Were he to do as the public decreed on November 7th, he would unendurably be proven wrong.

    The Couch: Bush Is On It And Congress Should Be

  • A blue heron stands on one leg, a hermit, a master fisherman, unendurably still, perfecting solitude, waiting for a mystery which lies beneath the surface to swim by so he might spear a little bit of it with his beak and take it back into the day.

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