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  • adj. Not engaging; dull.


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un- +‎ engaging


  • In other words, South Park is the show ON COMEDY CENTRAL that Republicans were "most engaged" with --- it could be a fairly low level of engagement, and won out because the rest of the competition on Comedy Central was so "unengaging" for Republicans. Top Stories

  • The narrator is himself an unengaging figure whose status as a blank slate on which his friend Perkus inscribes a more capacious understanding does not make him a character with whom one wants to spend over 450 pages.

    The Reading Experience

  • I need more fingers than I currently possess to count the number of tenured professors that I have encountered in my years of taking college classes that were unengaging, uninspiring, and lacked any ambition to stay relevant.

    Jason Schmitt: Tenure is for Wimps: An Untenured Professor (re)Contemplates Life

  • Without that, you get a translation like the one I'm slogging through now (oh, what we do for love) -- boring, flat and unengaging, with brief flashes of the best-seller that lurks behind it.

    Archive 2010-06-01

  • And most fittingly for a play about such great works, there are some wonderful performances too, despite the unengaging leads.

    Anonymous – review

  • But that's the piece at its very best, like a festive romp by a well-meaning sixth- former who would probably be a shade wittier if he were allowed to swear but, with all these parents around, is bland and unengaging.

    TV review: The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff; King of Christmas Lights

  • Perhaps I expected too much from two of the finest 'big' directors of my lifetime, but this is a relatively unengaging trifle that skates by on its technical merits and one absolutely superb set piece.

    Scott Mendelson: 2011 Year-end Wrap-up: The Overrated Films of 2011

  • Battle for Terra (2007) - Nice animation but clichéd and, therefore, unengaging.

    Catching Up on SciFi Movies (Part 5)

  • This idea seems like a good enough reason to finally pick up FC2, which I've been neglecting on some assumption that it would be sort of generic and unengaging.

    Permanent Death, Episode 1: An Inauspicious Beginning

  • After flipping a coin I settled down to watch the latter match today, mindful that one can learn something from even the dullest and most emotionally unengaging sporting event.

    Tim Dowling's World Cup diary


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