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  • adj. Not enticing; unprepossessing.


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un- +‎ enticing


  • Forget the traditional 'drip water onto a sugar cube on a spoon over the glass' method - bartenders here served it with Fresca and some kind of unenticing orange liquid, but I, curious soul that I am, ask for it straight up.

    Chronogram Articles and Blogs

  • Dirt bonds, issued to fund roads and utilities in property developments, have already cratered, producing hundreds of defaults and offering holders the unenticing prospect of complicated foreclosures on half-built McMansion communities.

    Guide to Muni Bond Shopping

  • They are generally bearish on all currencies, and believe equities are likely to give you a positive real return, and are superior to the unenticing alternatives (such as bonds and cash).

    Alan Schram: Notes from Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting

  • The killer cell phone movie; the hacker/killer/stalker of Diane Lane movie; the new Rambo and all manner of unenticing trailers.

    Do you love a movie that everyone else hated?

  • These unenticing papers were the product of a laissez-faire editorial world in which only the two residents of Silo No. 1, the executive editor and the managing editor, and the people in Silo No. 2, the individual desk editors covering foreign, national, local, cultural, sports, and lifestyle news, had any authority over the content of the paper.

    My Times

  • You've got an unenticing hero, a woman seen as an object and no plot.

    HH Com 224 (220)

  • Even my elevator speech is awful, limp, unenticing, and minimal.

    GA06 "Cradle UU's"

  • The broad, straight, unenticing gashes of the streets let in the grasping prairie on every side.

    Main Street

  • Lydia Jackson found him physically unenticing, but seems to have consented to a few reluctant embraces in a sanatorium garden.

    The Complete Works of George Orwell (reviews)

  • Limbo must look like this, I thought: and the unenticing room had in fact drawn the sort of audience you could count on fingers and toes and still have enough left over for an abacus.



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