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  • adj. Not envious.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not envious; free from envy.


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un- +‎ envious


  • Secretary of State Clinton has been given the unenvious role of exhorting Arab rulers to heed the call of the "Street" and accelerate reforms, while holding America's tongue for fear of further fueling the riots.

    Amb. Marc Ginsberg: America's Fragile Arab Dominoes: If No Back Bench Does Washington Have Any Backbone?

  • Smooth, always the gentleman, this curly haired young man merrily and unconcernedly goes his way, unenvious of fame or fortune, but content.

    Caught in the Crossfire: Adrian Scott and the Politics of Americanism in 1940s Hollywood

  • The current of these meditations would have been stayed sometimes by a rush of shame, bearing a remonstrance to himself from his own open nature, representing that to shelter such suspicions, even for the passing moment, was not to hold the high, unenvious course he had resolved to keep.

    Little Dorrit

  • To keep this in his little library he has undergone willingly many privations, cheerfully faced hunger and cold rather than let it pass from his hand; yet, how often when, tremulously, he has unveiled this treasure to his visitors, how often has it been examined with undilating eyes, and cold, unenvious hearts!

    The Compleat Angler

  • The stark reality is that many people from low-income backgrounds are now faced with the unenvious choice of deciding whether to heat their home or provide for their family.

    Soaring Energy Bills Plunge 1.7m Households Into Fuel Poverty

  • For the unenvious nature increases the greatness of states — he himself contends in the race, blasting the fair fame of no man; but the envious, who thinks that he ought to get the better by defaming others, is less energetic himself in the pursuit of true virtue, and reduces his rivals to despair by his unjust slanders of them.


  • John Cleese and Robin Skinner Life and how to survive it talk about how Americans are unenvious of success and lack our sense of schadenfreude; we in the UK are "loser-friendly"; hence our modesty which is way of deflecting envy.

    A moment of introspection

  • The patient poor people waiting for the midnight train stared in unenvious wonder — Italian women with shawls, old weary men with broken shoes, roving road-wise boys in suits which had been flashy when they were new but which were faded now and wrinkled.


  • Nearby roamed a few jobless Uighur men, their families at home, and they barely present, striving to appear indifferent, unenvious, while just beyond the park wall the province they had lost labored on in its flat and colorless and hard-bitten way.

    Heaven Lake

  • Believe me, while hints well worth consideration may come from unpretending sources, from minds not highly cultured, but naturally fine and delicate, from hearts kindly, feeling, and unenvious, learned dictums delivered with pomp and sound may be perfectly empty, stupid, and contemptible.

    The Life of Charlotte Bronte


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