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  • adj. Not envying.


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un- +‎ envying


  • Eugenia too, caught by his eccentricity, was powerfully impelled to watch and admire him; and not the less, in the unenvying innocency of her heart, for his evident predilection in favour of her cousin.


  • And all unenvying shared what all in peace possessed.

    A Philosophical Dictionary

  • And there they who have always dwelt in the sunny highlands of the true Canaan, gather round them, and call them, not unenvying, perhaps, their experience, 'The men that have crossed.'

    Expositions of Holy Scripture

  • In the absence of these old-fashioned helps, he was content that his own unassisted efforts should gain for him a certificate of capability to the world, and that the choice reputation which he thus earned should, with his own qualities, bring round him the unenvying love of a host of friends.

    Charles Lamb

  • And then, like good, confidential, unenvying friends as they were, they exchanged papers and gave each other a sight of their work.

    Ishmael In the Depths

  • He had himself ridden without overcoat through the chill months of winter; but all these things he had borne as the traveller bears a storm on the way to his home; and it was beautiful to see the unenvying, frank, simple pleasure which he seemed to feel in the elegant and abundant home of his brother, and in the thousand appliances of hospitable comfort by which he was surrounded.

    Dred; A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp. In Two Volumes. Vol. II

  • Not merely daring and endurance but better still temper, self-restraint, fairness, honour, unenvying approbation of another's success and all that give and take of life which stands a man in good stead when he goes forth into the world. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph

  • Contemplate on one hand, the unenvying, the benevolent friend of mankind.

    Sermons on Prevalent Errors, and Vices and on Various Other Topics

  • -- warm and open my heart to share it with cordial unenvying rejoicing!

    The Letters of Robert Burns

  • "The Gods," says Iamblichus, "being benevolent and propitious, impart their light to theurgists in unenvying abundance, calling upwards their souls to themselves, procuring them a union with themselves, and accustoming them, while they are yet in body, to be separated from bodies, and to be led round to their eternal and intelligible principle." [

    Esoteric Christianity, or The Lesser Mysteries


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