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  • noun rare inequality


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From un- +‎ equality


  • The Dodecatemory system is intended to be a measuring system of Ecliptic, a geometrical 'normalization' of the unequality of constellations and is not influenced by precession.

    Astrologers angered by stars

  • You push for more corporate influence and fear the stone age but your name reflects a barbaric, ignorant and refuted concept of unequality for all men.

    Think Progress » GOP Is Overjoyed At The Unprecedented Influence Corporations Will Now Have In Federal Campaigns

  • Moreover Oresme shows that cases can be conceived in which two infinites can be regarded as unequal, but this unequality is not to be understood in the sense of

    Nicole Oresme

  • But what has made this unequality ... tolerable is that the financial world itself was able to provide a convenient smokescreen, in the form of cheap debt, provided in abundance to all.


  • Which leads us to back to some unequality will always exist for healthcare.

    Life is right « BuzzMachine

  • We are all equal and the more you referenace slavery or unequality or lack of black actors, you are overlooking other minorities that have been more of slaves, genocides and lately overlooked for jobs and shows because they aren't colored diferently.

    Hellboy II (2008)

  • And more importantly, they have pledged to me that as president of the United States, they will make ending poverty and economic unequality central to their presidency.

    CNN Transcript Jan 30, 2008

  • Historians often point out that the main causes for the Great Depression were the ever greater unequality in the distribution of wealth throughout the 1920's, the inequality of wealth, the extensive stock market speculation that took place during the latter part that same decade and the dependence on consumer credit to keep the economy afloat.

    US Economy- another great depression?

  • You know, everyone can answer ur question the unequality, the selfishness, the greed, etc but also, no one can answer it, no single one can solve it.

    UNICEF images of the year 2007 |

  • If unequality is the problem, then how will reverse unequality fix it?

    Is there a place for men in feminism? | Mind on Fire


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