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  • v. To reverse the escaping of a string


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un- +‎ escape


  • Just remember to use the '+unescape (' % 22 ') +' in place of any quote marks around the image links and alt tags.

    A Tagging Bookmarklet for WordPress and Users « Lorelle on WordPress

  • One feature request: add an unescape() of the tag in fetch_query_tag() to get ugly junk such as %20 in the tag lister.

    Category Integration Between Sites - Freshblog

  • Escape/unescape special XML characters in input text

    Netvouz - new bookmarks

  • What's New in This Release: [read full changelog] · Option to unescape matches in include patterns.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • And this code where I insert? function encode_utf8 (s) return unescape (encodeURIComponent (s));

  • There are JavaScript functions that make the same job - escape () and unescape ()

    ASP.NET Forums

  • FIX: Properly unescape username (only relevant for users with special characters in their names, but I think it's not possible to include such characters in your username anyway). version 1. 3h: Events

  • Probably it could work withe unescape (). pdp responds: true, the POC was written exclusively for FF.

    GNUCITIZEN Comments

  • Probably a naming accident during the rushed implementation that JavaScript originally was, the escape () and unescape () functions are probably better called encode () and decode ().

    Planet TW

  • Also, line 4 includes the instruction for JavaScript to decode the string which would revert the % 22 back to a double quote. escape () and unescape () functions are NOT for encoding values in a URI.

    Planet TW


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