from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not evident, clear, obvious, or manifest; obscure. (Davies.)


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  • A 12 percent quarterly decline in gross domestic product was unevident in boarded-up shops and empty cafés, which didn't exist, and beggars and the homeless, who weren't on the streets.

    Zion's Vital Signs

  • Things were going poorly with him, the rising generation followed newer lights unevident in his earlier days, and his visitors were mostly of Mrs. Rusker's age, and were getting fewer day by day.

    Julia And Her Romeo: A Chronicle Of Castle Barfield From "Schwartz" by David Christie Murray

  • And therefore rash and unevident inferences, such as are fetched only from examples, or authority of books, and are not arguments of what is good or evil, but witnesses of fact or of opinion; obscure, confused, and ambiguous expressions; also all metaphorical speeches tending to the stirring up of passion (because such reasoning and such expressions are useful only to deceive or to lead him we counsel towards other ends than his own), are repugnant to the office of a counsellor.

    Leviathan, or, The matter, forme, & power of a common-wealth ecclesiasticall and civill


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