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  • adj. Not exaggerated; not an exaggeration.


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  • He wished what he now said to be considered as an unexaggerated declaration of his opinion of the merits of the poem; and he hoped it would be considered as nothing improper when he added, that he wished this opinion, thus publicly delivered, to be viewed as an advertisement of the merit of the poem.

    Letter 88

  • The rims of my glasses are brown and a tad pointy—an unexaggerated cat-eye shape with tortoiseshell arms that tuck behind my ears.

    Non-Granny Reading Glasses

  • In this way Rothenberg moves from the outward. the iconic, the visual, the monolingual to filling the molds, the rejected forms, the questionable objects with an unexaggerated, denotative profusion taken carelessly from the daily.


  • … In person he was of a tall,* commanding presence with a leonine head, with a shock of neatly coifed, long, slightly wavy dark brown mane that came down to the nape of his neck, with an unexaggerated but ample moustache.

    The Last Empress

  • I note that book publishing itself is becoming much more honest, truthful, unimpeachable, authentic, and precise about everything from numbers of books sold to the unvarnished, unexaggerated, unerring, and unaffected stories it tells as all who toil and sweat in this scrupulous business strive as best we can to maintain the veracious sheen-of-sham and hocus pocus so inherently attached like Superglue to our equivocated reputations for flimflam and fiddle-dee-dee.

    Obscure Books, Part II - Paper Cuts Blog -

  • "Long Day's Journey" is, after all, a five-character, one-set play, and even though four of the characters are members of a theatrical family, their intramural sniping is easier to take — and to sympathize with — when presented on the unexaggerated scale enabled by the Touchstone Theatre and encouraged by John Langs, the director of this production.

    Little House in the Big Woods

  • While some players are eccentric in their shooting, his shots, with only occasional exceptions, are straightforward and unexaggerated.


  • I like unexaggerated intercourse; it is not my way to overpower with amorous epithets, any more than to worry with selfishly importunate caresses.

    The Professor, by Charlotte Bronte

  • Or whether the rough dispelling of any bright illusion, however imaginative, depreciates the real and unexaggerated brightness which appertains to its basis, one cannot say.

    A Pair of Blue Eyes

  • All of the pain I described was not only completely unexaggerated, it was actually less dramatic than my real life experience.

    whitehelmet Diary Entry


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