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  • adj. Not exotic; mundane, commonplace.


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un- +‎ exotic


  • "Better stick to salvage, Becker," she said in unexotic Basic.


  • The study reported that 25 million more planned to try yoga within the next year — enough to make it as unexotic an Eastern novelty as Chinese food or judo.

    Striking a Pose

  • Resolutely unexotic is the recent The Marsalis Family: A Jazz Celebration (Marsalis Music/Rounder), which manages to pack a lot of Crescent City musical and family history into one disc.

    New Orleans' 'Hot Men' Keep Jazz Cooking Forward

  • Yet the resulting account of his travels is in many ways unrevealing and remarkably unexotic.

    Merchants and Pirates

  • It sounds like a Tintin adventure, yes, but it's really quite unexotic.

    Gawker: Valleywag

  • But the first New Deal would never have spent huge sums on super trains for the better off; it would have expanded decent if unexotic rail service for ordinary folks.


  • Now, I do recognize that a joint called Cagney's in a Mississaugan strip mall may not sound like something to jump on a GO bus about, but let me assure you, kind reader, that this place alone is worth the trip. décor at Cagney's is so decadently, lavishly unexotic, so ornately hometown Americana (da) that it comes full circle and seems itself exotic and exciting.


  • But the St. Regis, like so many other upscale joints in South Florida, has an unexotic array of gins, and that's bound to rankle the true ...

    Broward-Palm Beach New Times | Complete Issue

  • Wide Finder 2 work; an 8-core 32-thread T2000 with 32G of RAM and an unexotic disk setup.

    Planet Sun

  • His job has been to overcome the many built-in presumptions against him and reassure middle America -- particularly voters in swing states -- that he's a reasonable, post-partisan, unexotic guy.

    Grist - the Latest from Grist


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