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  • adj. Not explanatory; failing to offer a (good or coherent) explanation.


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un- +‎ explanatory


  • I could go on and on, because there are so many interwoven facts we must consider, but these above facts in themselves suffice to show why your analysis is not just ad hoc and unexplanatory but false.

    Thoughts on the early Indo-European subjunctive 1ps ending

  • Flew earned part of his reputation by at various times arguing that theism was unintelligible or unexplanatory, that there was no evidence that could reasonably support theism, that rationality required a fundamental presumption in favor of atheism.

    "The Rumors of My Importance Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"

  • When he had gathered, from her rather unexplanatory remarks, just what had happened, the first thought that crossed his mind was that he had eaten the last piece of fruit-cake which she left behind.

    The Wrong Woman

  • Jack burst out, the more vehemently from the fact that Mrs. Upton's unprotesting, unexplanatory departure had, to his own consciousness, involved him with Imogen in a companionship of crudity and inappropriateness.

    A Fountain Sealed

  • 'At one place, some suburban villa, he could get no answer to his ring, and he "hove" his cards over the gate just as it opened, and he had the shame of explaining in his unexplanatory French to the man picking them up.

    My Mark Twain (from Literary Friends and Acquaintance)

  • I exclaimed: and indeed there was something in the hasty and unexplanatory reply which, instead of allaying, piqued my curiosity more than ever.

    Jane Eyre: an autobiography, Vol. II.

  • I am glad to understand from your letter, unexplanatory as it is, that you have followed my advice.

    Devereux — Volume 03

  • Someone familiar with this might "get it," but for anyone else, it is very unexplanatory.

    CR4 - Recent Forum Threads and Blog Entries

  • T2 is more unified than T1, it does not automatically follow that T1 is unexplanatory, then his solution to the problems of explanatory irrelevance and asymmetry would no longer be available: his conclusion should be that an “explanation” of Mr. Jones 'failure to get pregnant in terms of his ingestion of birth control pills is genuinely explanatory, although less so than the alternative explanation that invokes his gender, and similarly for a derivation of the height of a flagpole from the length of its shadow.

    Scientific Explanation

  • 'lEi': 'unexplanatory job titles that mean either she's a flunky or a real power and you're supposed to be kept guessing, is not telling the whole truth.

    Mother Of Storms


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