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  • adj. Not exploitable; that cannot be exploited.


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un- +β€Ž exploitable


  • Back then it was mainly focused on system Active-X issues, but it also provided some great examples of how, so called "unexploitable" vulnerabilities, can still be abused for a remote code execution.

    Aviv Raff On .NET

  • These masterpieces are unexploitableβ€”or, rather, they are exploitable to a high degree.

    Restoring the National's Glory

  • He's not saying that "we only search women" is unexploitable.

    TSA doesn't understand what "random" means - Boing Boing

  • While American cities grew rich in trade and culture, the vast expanses of land between them remained poor, remote, and unexploitable.

    The Interstate Sprawl System

  • Still, our disagreement might be over semantics: I don't deny unexploitable inefficiency resulting from transaction costs which is why I mentioned Coase in my earlier comment.

    Scott Sumner's False Dichotomy, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • You posit aversion to fear and suffering, desire for attention, desire fro religious rapture, greed for status, even military and political power-hunger as driving factors in the uptake of a technology which renders such market forces unexploitable, a technology which makes itself functionless, instantly obsolete.

    More Aesthetics

  • However, as Aristotle conceived it, and generations of followers knew it, this distinction was not fitted into operational syllogisms, and was therefore unexploitable.


  • Canada's experience and study in these climates is adding notably to the store of man's knowledge and to the future utilization of spaces on this earth which since the beginning of time have been considered uninhabitable and economically unexploitable.

    The World Around Us

  • Rising oil prices and dwindling reserves have pushed oil companies to exploit what was once considered unexploitable: tar sands, the dirtiest oil on Earth and the most expensive to extract.


  • Pwn2Own -- it's a wrap - With the Pwn2Own hacking contest over, Google's Chrome has emerged with the Gold while Apple's twice-pwned Safari holds the wooden spoon The DV Labs blog has run a Pwn2Own Wrap Up about its hacking competition, which saw three browsers hacked and one unexploitable hole in Chrome.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now


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