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  • adj. Unable to be faced or confronted


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  • I guess that has to do with the fact that familiarity does breed contempt ouch and also, in perhaps a good way, we tend to want those we love the most to stop sabotaging themselves year after year, or have the courage to step out and take that chance, or face the unfaceable.

    Donna Jean Freberg: Giving Some Thought to 2012

  • Today, Williams's material seems unfaceable — a show called "Mr. Lode of Koal," a song called "Evah Dahkey Is a King" — but back then he even had the support of W.E.B. Du Bois.

    It’s a White Thing

  • Others may simply have found it unthinkable, or unfaceable.

    It’s a White Thing

  • Such apparent inappropriateness seems like a throwback to the black humor of such '60s novels as Joseph Heller's "Catch-22," in which comic absurdity merges with the unfaceable and the unbearable.

    Great Expectations

  • One can surely see how this might seem unfaceable to men, believers or atheists, empiricist or apriorists, brought up on the opposite assumption.

    A Special Supplement: The Question of Machiavelli

  • Six feet three inches he stood in his stockings -- two inches more in his regular dress; his head large in proportion, and finely shaped; eyes black, glittering, and unfaceable; mustache jet-black and upstanding, as if made of wire, from the set, ugly mouth, below which jutted a square, blue-shaven chin.

    The Genius

  • So he dropped the coins back into his pocket, dolefully, one by one, and took the deep breath of a man schooling himself to face the unfaceable.

    Phantom Wires A Novel

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  • However, angry Americans really need to face the unfaceable: that most of their fellow citizens are just as corrupt, incompetent and compromised.

    The Washington Times stories: Latest Headlines

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