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  • adj. Not faced; not taken on or confronted.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ faced.


  • The installation here shows foam insulation, but for a gas-fired boiler or water heater, use unfaced fiberglass pipe wrap, held in place with either foil tape or wire.

    Weekend Project: Insulate hot-water pipes to cut down on heat loss

  • Marianne Williamson notes in her book on healing America's soul has it that the three biggest unfaced crimes of the country have been against the Native Americans, the Blacks and the Viet-Namese although there is so much more that we have done which we have not faced.

    Justin Frank: Politics on the Couch: Splitting and Reparation -- Part One

  • We do understand and we will do what is necessary and that is where the unfaced truth rears its ugly head.


  • The black unfaced locomotive doing endless pressups with its greased wheel-pistons.

    The locomotive

  • Supplemental attic insulation can be as easy as buying unfaced no kraft paper attached rolls and unrolling them in the attic.

    Insulation Choices

  • From outside, since the street crossing which it commanded was on a lower level, its great wall was thrust upwards from a basement of unfaced ashlar, jagged with flints, in all of which there was nothing particularly ecclesiastical; the windows seemed to have been pierced at an abnormal height, and its whole appearance was that of a prison wall rather than of a church.

    Swann's Way

  • Many who are too clear-sighted to neglect home duties, yet leave this difficulty unfaced, in that they look for all the pleasure of their life outside home, and within that home allow themselves to live in an atmosphere of friction and peevishness.

    Stray Thoughts for Girls

  • These, after all, were the superficialities of the situation; its deeper aspects were, Imogen felt, as yet unfaced.

    A Fountain Sealed

  • He never admitted to himself that he was a snob, for something deep and still unfaced in his consciousness, bade him see as little fault in himself as possible, forbade him to admit the contingency of a failure, impelled him to call such weaknesses as the fortunate condemned by some one of those interchangeable terms with which the lexicons are so generous.

    The Sisters-In-Law

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