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  • adj. Not having fallen.


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un- +β€Ž fallen


  • _ Let those also who can, call the unfallen Adam and Eve satisfactory patterns and types of our complete humanity.

    History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology

  • If Nietzsche had not been obsessed by Christianity he would have selected as his "Ideal Blond Beast" that perfectly naive, "unfallen" man, of imperturbable nerves, of classic nerves, such as Life abounded in _before Christ came.

    Visions and Revisions A Book of Literary Devotions

  • All this may sound strange, but one may fairly say that it represented in its degree, and in that first 'unfallen' stage of human thought and psychology, a true conception of the cosmic Life, and indeed a conception quite sensible and admirable, until, of course, the Second

    Pagan and Christian creeds: their origin and meaning

  • You were like an unfallen angel spying from your vine, and I was unstoppable, getting near enough to smell that English Leather aftershave you always wore.

    the long white cloud above my body

  • I saw echoes of Eden in his energetic activity: of the time when beasts and unfallen man worked together in harmony.


  • On the Soul and the Resurrection concludes, as the dying St. Macrina speaks to her brother about the body as compared to the resurrected body as the seed compares to the ear of wheat, and compares this to the unfallen bodies of humans when first created.

    04 « March « 2010 « Maria Lectrix

  • β€œFor myself,” she admits, swiping at her unfallen tears.

    When Rose Wakes

  • It's logically possible that man in his unfallen state was immune to the malarial parasite.

    Behe challenges Miller

  • When, in Paradise Lost, Satan spied on Adam and Eve, unfallen and making love in Eden, he "saw undelighted all delight."

    Heroic Milton: Happy Birthday

  • Most men, even unfallen, can only live by the transmitted gleam from the faces of vivider men who look into the eyes of the gods.



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