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  • n. The state or condition of being unfashionable.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The character of being unfashionable; deviation from or opposition to the fashion.


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unfashionable +‎ -ness


  • Best though it was, his suit smacked of cheap tailoring and bucolic unfashionableness.

    The Thorn Birds

  • Western culture, with all its victory and splendour, shows some imperfection and weakness, while Chinese culture, with all its drawbacks and unfashionableness, indicates the possibility of being rejuvenated and utilized as a remedy for the defects of the others.

    Prospect of Cultural Relations Between China and Canada

  • They did not dream that the Old Lady never put on one of the silk dresses without agonizing over its unfashionableness, and that even the eyes of Crooked Jack cast on her antique flounces and overskirts was almost more than her feminine vanity could endure.

    Chronicles of Avonlea

  • One that teaches not this, is worse than none at all: natural unfashionableness being much better than apish affected postures; and I think it much more passable, to put off the hat and make a leg like an honest country gentleman than like an ill-fashioned dancing-master.

    Some Thoughts Concerning Education. Sections 191-200

  • Notwithstanding the unfashionableness of tobacco, there were still some noteworthy smokers to be found among the clergy.

    The Social History of Smoking

  • He is not, therefore, to be enumerated among those publishers who have fattened upon their authors, and when the size of the book and the unfashionableness of the writer are considered, his enterprise may perhaps appear the most remarkable feature of the transaction.

    Life of John Milton

  • In fact, the unfashionableness of the active window has reached the point that people have given up on calling it the active window at all!

    MSDN Blogs

  • Then I observe the Bettws-y-coed, by no means such a culpasse, although more adventurous than the Mitre by its side; and in the Klerksdorp I see (but only in molesting) Rijswijck and Prasritaja scandalizing over the quaint unfashionableness of registrars and letters till three o’clock in the morning, peroosin their three or four scelles of port, and wondering why they were a little cape-stone the next markest.

    Inadvertent poetic prose in spamblogs | Diane Duane's weblog: "Out of Ambit"

  • As I entered into the world very young, with an elegant person and a large estate, it was not long before I disentangled myself from the shackles of religion; for I was determined to the pursuit of pleasure, which according to my notions consisted in the unrestrained and unlimited gratifications of every passion and every appetite; and as this could not be obtained under the frowns of a perpetual dictator, I considered religion as my enemy; and proceeding to treat her with contempt and derision, was not a little delighted, that the unfashionableness of her appearance, and the unanimated uniformity of her motions, afforded frequent opportunities for the sallies of my imagination.

    The Rambler, sections 171-208 (1751-1752); The Adventurer, sections 34-108 (1753); from The Works of Samuel Johnson, in Sixteen Volumes, Volume IV

  • They console themselves for their unfashionableness by playing cards with each other and uttering crude commonplaces at the table. "



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