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  • adv. In an unfeasible manner. Not feasibly. Impossibly


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  • While it's nice to see that reading Viz has enlarged your vocabulary, you might want to check "unfeasibly" in a dictionary before you use it.

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  • Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs write "gruesome": books about forensic types who cut up bodies and are unfeasibly businesslike about it.


  • If the occupiers and their organizers and spokespeople, including the capable Christopher Hedges, though he is now audibly verging on intoxication with the purple vapour of his own verbosity, and the unfeasibly abrasive Marxist myth-maker Naomi Klein want to last, they are going to have to do some strategic thinking and stop shouting long enough to acquire some tactical finesse.

    Conrad Black: My Manifesto For the Occupy Movement

  • In some parts of the world, I imagine, summer means open-topped sports cars, drive-in movies and beautiful people with natural tans and unfeasibly white teeth.

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  • Concorde 2, Madeira Drive, SatJohn MitchellNewcastle's Shindig, like Basics in Leeds or Saturdays at Glasgow's Sub Club, is one of those nights that's been around for an unfeasibly long time.

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  • Over at the shiny silver safety-deposit boxes, an almost unfeasibly good-looking young woman is depositing her jewels.

    Metro Bank launch: even the dogs are on-message

  • The other chucklesome moment enlivening a dull match was Champion's description of Greece coach Otto Rehhagel's hair as "unfeasibly dark for a man his age."

    World Cup 2010 coverage: We need to see more of Diego Maradona

  • A refuge for fans of things that make you go aaargh, shake your hair about and want to get (yet another) unfeasibly large tattoo, Slay Club is all about bringing the noise and bringing it as loudly as you possibly can.

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  • In Shenzhen, I visited a sex-toy factory, where bored production-line workers were sticking fake pubic hair on rubber vaginas, testing the circuits on unfeasibly large vibrators, sticking studs on sadomasochist outfits, and waiting for the end of a shift spent monotonously making cheap thrills.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • The Buddha was by no means the only ancient Indian interested in the incredibly large and the unfeasibly small; Sanskrit literature is full of astronomically high numbers.



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