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  • adj. Not fertilized

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  • adj. not having been fertilized


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  • The only thing I can compare it to, after having read the "unfertilized" comments in your absence was -- when the band at a wedding comes back after a short break.

    Cara Community

  • But even granting full civil rights to fertilized eggs is a half-measure; as Kristen Schaal recently pointed out on The Daily Show, women's unfertilized eggs are crying out albeit softly for representation.

    David Misch: Votes for Zygotes!

  • Every individual bdelloid is a female that produces unfertilized eggs from which more females hatch and so on.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • Male ants are produced from an unfertilized egg and only have half a complement of genes.

    At What Level did this Evolve?

  • "Without Edwards there would be no market for oocytes (unfertilized eggs); without Edwards there would be no freezers full of embryos waiting to be transplanted into uteruses or, more likely, to be used for research or else die abandoned and forgotten by all," Carrasco said.

    Vatican Expresses 'Perplexity' Over Nobel Awarded To IVF Creator

  • Chicken eggs produced for consumption are unfertilized.

    Reduce Or Eliminate Eggs With These Egg Substitutes | Lifehacker Australia

  • Females develop from fertilized eggs, while males develop from unfertilized ones.


  • From them, they get unfertilized ostrich eggs for eating.

    Messages to Mars

  • As a first step, they took the DNA-carrying nuclei from skin cells of diabetic patients and added them to unfertilized human eggs.

    Cloning Offers Stem-Cell Hope

  • We took a cab back to the apartment so I could lie down but soon I began to feel cramps in my abdomen, the same kind I felt every month when my body was working to expel the unfertilized egg, and the bleeding continued.

    History of a Suicide


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