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  • adj. Without a filter (e.g., a cigarette).
  • adj. Having not been filtered (e.g., coffee grounds).


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un- +‎ filtered


  • This -- this particular format, what they call unfiltered, 90 minutes of her just being able to show her stuff, obviously, a different format from a speech, but in a way that's very different from the interviews which McCain aides will admit full well have not gone very well.

    CNN Transcript Oct 2, 2008

  • And that is 90 minutes of what they call unfiltered access to her, to watch her, to see how she reacts.

    CNN Transcript Oct 2, 2008

  • It is a completely sexless gesture, an expression of unfiltered affection between friends, a common display in Mexico, I learn.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • However, most scenes also contain unfiltered (clear) lights, which dominate the scene.

    How to shoot holiday lights

  • But probably there is little harm and some good in unfiltered media.

    The trouble with the news « BuzzMachine

  • If percolation is too fast, effluent will drain unfiltered (without removing bacteria) into the water table.

    home building

  • The book, Palin said, allows her supporters to read her words "unfiltered" -- as with her messages on Facebook and other social networks.


  • We believe the public wants and values creative expression unfiltered and unmediated by major media corporations.

    Arin Crumley: YouTube, Not TheirTube

  • And he made a distinction the other day in court between the filtered and the unfiltered, and I believe the unfiltered are the ones he ` s concerned about.

    CNN Transcript Mar 4, 2009

  • Unfortunately, the shared mirth generated an impression that with a specific diagnosis in hand the remaining hurdles are as easily dealt with as are the socially "unfiltered" comments that are associated with individuals affected by Asperger's Syndrome and other variants of autism.

    Neil S. Greenspan: Autism and the Media


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