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  • adj. Not fluctuating.

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  • adj. not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall


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un- +‎ fluctuating


  • These are called unfluctuating karmas in that they bear their fruit only in those concentrations.

    Dalai Lama Quote of the Week - On Karma

  • Thus to this congregation of excellent, undeceiving refuge, we pray that by the power of this prayer expressed from a heart filled with fervent devotion and humility, may the body, speech and mind of the sole of the Land of Snows, the supreme Ngawang Lobsang Tenzin Gyatso, be indestructible, unfluctuating and unceasing; may he live immutable for a hundred aeons, seated on a diamond throne, transcending decay and destruction.

    The Long Life Prayer for the 14th Dalai Lama

  • Then, karmas that are accumulated upon having turned away even from such pleasure of internal meditative stabilization and within seeking just neutral feeling are unfluctuating karmas associated with the fourth concentration and the four formless absorptions.

    Dalai Lama Quote of the Week - On Karma

  • At this juncture you attain an unfluctuating flexibility.

    How to See Yourself As You Really Are

  • Although he envied the unfluctuating certainty of the faith professed so enthusiastically by these

    Jon Krakauer biography

  • Proportional requital is the economic basis of society, arrived at by the existence of a comparatively unfluctuating currency which provides a criterion.

    The World's Greatest Books — Volume 13 — Religion and Philosophy

  • Health and wisdom equally precious, and equally little as unfluctuating possessions to be relied on.

    The Confidence-Man

  • So they turned their gold, whose value was so precarious, into that unfluctuating material, paper.

    Love Me Little, Love Me Long

  • Sarah thanked the Almighty greatly for one thing, that Mabel's cheerfulness was continued and unfluctuating, and that her mind seemed to have gathered strength by wholesome exercise.

    Turns of Fortune And Other Tales

  • His head buried in the text, he read in an unfluctuating timbre and tone from a prepared script.

    The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) - Frontpage


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