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  • v. Present participle of unfocus.


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  • Reactive armor tiles that explode outward when hit, redirecting the warhead and / or dissipating the blast; and (3) "Cage armor" that either prevents the rocket's piezo-electric "crush fuze" from detonating - or forces the warhead to detonate away from the armor underneath, 'unfocusing' its killer blast.

    Defense Industry Daily

  • Why can't I look at you without unfocusing my eyes?

    cacatherine Diary Entry

  • She looked up at him with slightly unfocusing eyes.

    Pregnant by the Millionaire

  • Possum, my high-school roommate was obsessed with stereoscopes and three-d (part of a lifelong project to write stereoscopic software to help people understand how to visualize n-dimensional space in three dimensions), and would build his own by drawing two nearly identical images and sticking them on the ends of paper-towel rolls, then putting the rolls up to his eyes and unfocusing his vision until the image converged.

    Boing Boing: January 26, 2003 - February 1, 2003 Archives

  • I took small, cautious breaths, my eyes unfocusing, my body shaking.

    The Book of the Heart

  • So he just watched the raindrops, his eyes focusing and unfocusing, and time for one blessed moment stood still.

    The Will

  • Her head was starting to ache along with her stomach, and her eyes kept fogging and unfocusing.

    The Elvenbane

  • She leaned her forehead against the window-glass, unfocusing her vision and shutting her ears, and delicately probed at the minds around hers, looking for danger, for hidden enemies.

    Burning Water

  • She looked into the mirror and through it, her eyes unfocusing as she visualized her fourth lover.

    The Key to Rebecca

  • Flaccid muscles, lack of reflexes, pasty skin, unfocusing eyes, loose mouth; the chords of the neck strained briefly as the patient made some incoherent sound deep in the throat.

    the ship who sang


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