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  • n. Inability to be predicted or anticipated.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ foreseeability


  • But against this idea of the absolute originality and unforeseeability of forms our whole intellect rises in revolt.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • In vain, therefore, does life evolve before our eyes as a continuous creation of unforeseeable form: the idea always persists that form, unforeseeability and continuity are mere appearance -- the outward reflection of our own ignorance.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • It is quite certain, for instance, that if we could view the evolution of life in its entirety, the spontaneity of its movement and the unforeseeability of its procedures would thrust themselves on our attention.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • Willed order, mutual contingency of willed order and mathematical order, 231-3 unforeseeability in the, 224, 342-3

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • And we find an order no less admirable in a symphony of Beethoven, which is genius, originality, and therefore unforeseeability itself.

    Evolution créatrice. English

  • It suggests, that is, an approach to thinking that can respond with agility and lightness to the fact of change, to the unforeseeability of things.


  • Yet I cannot help but note the irony of Judge Hellerstein's invoking the practical unforeseeability of a second plane's being hijacked as the basis for dismissing a claim of duty on the part of American to the passengers of United Flight 11 and / or the ground victims of United Flight 11.

    FindLaw Writ - Recent Articles

  • There is always an unforeseeability problem in any human endeavour, and claiming the priority of a single reference frame in all reference frames is so ironically recursive that I don't know what more to say.

    Scrivener's Error


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