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  • adjective Not frightening.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ frightening


  • It's remarkably unfrightening when you have a huge box of baby wipes at your disposal.

    the weekend that was

  • Shane Watson is still opening the batting, the rippling, lantern-jawed, entirely unfrightening Watson, who seems always on the verge of wandering off tearfully, head bowed, mournfully flexing his six-packed earlobes, bat crooked in a single pumped and flexed little finger.

    The Ashes 2010: England fans unnerved by absence of Australia greats

  • The hard left is now so unfrightening that it seems harmless to fix things so that they can have a token candidate.

    Despite their hopes of a great revival, the left got left behind

  • In which case we can expect Georgie as Chairman of the Federal Reserve or something very unfrightening like that.

    Making better use of Prime Ministers after office

  • Pork and beans is an honest and unfrightening alternative to nursery food that's been anonymously vaccinated with white-bean purée.

    Playing With Their Food

  • Sometimes it may be better to look like a small unfrightening blob than like a pseudosnake with false eyes.

    Yellow caterpillar ready to go

  • I would completely consider the old Universal films to be in the horror genre, as unfrightening as they are to modern people -- they just share the various ideas that people normally attribute to "fear."

    How Fear Defines Horror

  • How pleasing and unfrightening airplanes were on the inside, how different from the hard, silvery, inhuman luster of the outside.

    The Martian Way

  • Partly this refusal to recognise that, though dead, Mother was actually gone from them, no longer was sharing their little jokes and duties, was because death came with such steady, appreciable, unfrightening steps.

    Once Aboard the Lugger

  • There was, however, a residue, a kind of fiction that developed parallel to the classic truths of daily life (as it was in that heroic but commonplace age) as they unfolded with the foreseeable majesty of a holocaust, an unfrightening one, and went unrecognized, drawing force and grandeur from this like the illegitimate offspring of a king.

    Isola di Rifiuti


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