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  • adj. Not frilled.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ frilled


  • Since 1978 they've been undermining the myths and morals of the rock'n'roll edifice in order, not so much to tear it dawn, but more to strip it back to the raw necessities of honest, unfrilled communication.

    The Fall in New Zealand

  • If Jane had been poor, or had remained a few years longer -- until her character was better set -- under the restraining influence of her unfrilled and unfrillable father, her passion for power, for superiority would probably have impelled her to develop her mind into a source of power and position.

    The Conflict

  • Jim Nolan's unfrilled conversation, of his clumsy, rather inane compliments, of his primitive amoeba-like type of humor.

    Jewel Weed

  • My bow, I think, covered my vexation -- I being all unpowdered and wearing no waistcoat over an unfrilled shirt, for I do love fine clothes when circumstances require; but the lady was none the less punctilious, and as I made to toss my pipe into the street below, she forbade me with perfect courtesy and a smile that only accented her youthful self-possession.

    The Reckoning


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