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  • n. The failure to fulfill or perform something.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- + fulfill + -ment


  • A civilization which values -- and indeed consistently rewards -- aggression and reckless self-seeking rather than team work, ethical conduct, conciliation and compassion will end up despoiling the earth for short term profit, going to war for oil and economic dominance, creating an obscenely rich 1 percent at the expense of an increasingly impoverished 99 percent -- and, perhaps worst of all, it will produce unprecedented levels of human misery and spiritual unfulfillment.

    Richard Schiffman: Nice Guys Finish Last -- Or Do They?

  • Deducing this theme of unfulfillment, I ask the film-maker if her work was about unconsummated desire.

    Spread ArtCulture: Interview: Eve Sussman - on the making of her film, Rape of the Sabine Women

  • Story-telling as catharsis, dredging up past experiences and endowing characters with your own angst or unfulfillment as a kind of emotional purging, is a familiar course.

    Sonya Chung: Art Before Life: Questioning the Parenthood Question

  • Such unfulfillment, almost restlessness, permeated several corners of the team during organized team activities recently.

    Bitter end to 2006 leaves Ravens wanting more

  • There is so much underlying sadness and unfulfillment in his personal life that he acts out however he can to try and gain attention and friendship.

    Is Michael Scott Ruining THE OFFICE? | the TV addict

  • But for me there is still this lingering sense of unfulfillment.

    Being Jewish

  • The Count embraces the powers of vampirism in a monstrous, shameful act of betrayal that locks him, with Monkey Paw logic, into an additional obsessive and repetitive pattern of cruel disappointment and agonizing unfulfillment.

    Archive 2009-05-24

  • An introductory wall label suggests that unfulfillment of our "tenacious expectation -- of domestic happiness" is the current state of the American dream.

    A House Is Not A Home

  • In her mind, carrying this tremendous sense of neediness and unfulfillment, she thought that fame was accompanied by satisfaction and contentment.

    Posh & Becks

  • It was certainly the worst night of his life, the night of "my greatest tragedy" — which he repeatedly put into the terms of his passionate sense of unfulfillment that his mother "never had the opportunity to see me get anything published."

    'Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography'


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