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  • adj. Not fun.


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un- +‎ fun


  • A lot of The Office is going to seem a bit "unfun" to unfamiliar viewers because a lot of it is based on our understanding of the characters and how they interact.

    Joanna’s Best & Worst of the Week | the TV addict

  • It's work to think about who sees you and how they see you and who you see ... and it's often, as danah says, flat-out "unfun":

    Ann Handley: Why I'm Starting to Hate Facebook

  • I believe they would introduce a console that would get accepted by the mass market as quickly as possible (because of a reasonable price point), and would include innovations that would make previous generation games look "unfun" in comparison.

    Dubious Quality

  • [laughs] So, I think we very much wanted to get away from "unfun" things in games.


  • Ugh. High-stress days man that pain levels go * way* up, so yesterday was unfun on many levels.


  • You can find the full text here, but basically the cards are curling, making shuffling and general card-playing unfun, and Steve Jackson Games decided to recall both products at the moment.

    Steve Jackson Games updates about Munchin Fairy Dust and Waiting for Santa

  • Though, I have to say that the things I've learned the most from are the things most people wish they'd never experienced -- some big some small, but all of them could be labeled "fun in a miserable-totally-unfun-let's-not-do-that-again sort of way."

    Bestselling author Kat Richardson tells all to Sci Fi Bookshelf

  • Some unfun philistine types worry that New Yorkers hurrying along their way might look up, see one of the naked figures, not realize that it's public art, become filled with concern and worry for a fellow (real) human being, and telephone the police.

    Not Able to Leap Tall Buildings, but Out There

  • I won't spoil the unfun by revealing how it all works out, but I can tell you that "Mother and Child" was produced by Alejandro Gonz lez I rritu, a filmmaker who has displayed, in such films as "Babel," "21 Grams" and "Amores Perros," an inordinate fondness for interlocking plots.

    'Iron Man 2': Rust Never Sleeps

  • My mother even fell asleep, that's how static and unfun it was.

    Weekly Moviegoer - Favorite Cinematic Experiences of the Decade «


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