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  • adj. Not funky.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ funky


  • You can still buy horribly overpriced sweaters from Norway in our downtown mall, which has odd unfunky shops catering to travelers with various illnesses and always seems veering toward vacancy.

    What if I did a summer trip, going to U.S. cities where I could do meet-ups with readers...

  • Writing a song about the existential angst presented by a night in Vegas (the band's hometown) simply can't help but feel unutterably shallow, but it's not exactly unfunky.

    Cold-Blooded Killers

  • No, no, wait... even better than "Chicken Soup for Dummies" is a self-help book aimed at the terminally unfunky, which could be called "Chicken Soup for That Ass".

    Innovations in Self-Help - Anil Dash

  • Granted, he wasn't as ass-kicking as the first time I saw him, but that may have been due at least partially to the exasperatingly unfunky crowd.

    I saw Maceo Parker last - Anil Dash

  • Then sometimes I see some decidedly unfunky ducks, and I realize I have so much lower to sink before I need to really worry.

    Sometimes I wonder about my - Anil Dash

  • But the rest were either forgettable or awful, most notoriously then-frontrunner David Archuleta (appearing on Wednesday's results show) who got the pimp-slot but lost his footing with an embarrassingly unfunky 'We Can Work It Out.'


  • Economic Development for India 'is a most unfunky name, the document eventually came to be called The Bombay Plan.

    The India Uncut Blog

  • I recall being disappointed by the unfunky sound of this Lp. Reged: Oct 31 2003

    Crate Digging Revealed

  • Also I feel the rythm guitar in the verses to be late / unfunky sometimes, the first time at

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • And when someone tries to re-imagine history in a funky, bleak way, it's easy to forget the effect on an unfunky, happy family who remember a very different man. - News


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