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  • adj. Not furred.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

un- +‎ furred


  • This is not just because protesting may be more attractive to people with unfurred arteries, but because the young are suffering disproportionately from a crisis not of their making.

    The protesters seem more adult than politicians and plutocrats | Andrew Rawnsley

  • Is this one that was attacked a furred or unfurred borat?

    Borat Attacked! 2.0 « raincoaster

  • Guinea pigs have stocky bodies, fairly short hind legs, and short, unfurred ears.

    15 Agouti

  • And if he felt it, how much worse must it be for his unfurred fire dancer?

    Fire Dancer

  • There were seven people, three furred, four unfurred.

    Fire Dancer

  • Dogs, when they are sure of having their own way, have sometimes ways as odd as those of the unfurred, unfeathered animals, who walk on two legs, and talk, and are called rational.

    Our Village


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