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  • n. The state or condition of being unfussy; lack of fussiness.


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unfussy +‎ -ness


  • (Why on earth would indigent children need to sleep under embroidered linen was beyond my understanding, as I personally thought unfussiness was much nicer.)

    Patrizia Chen: A Girl's Dream of Being Kissed

  • But don't get me started on those gods damn toasters.— Scott Dadich Photo: Warner Bros/Everett The same could be said for the 25-year-old Terminator franchise, a science-fiction workhorse jerry-rigged from used but sturdy parts (a Harlan Ellison concept here, a Phil Dick theme there) and beloved by bazillions for its unfussiness, its jeeplike versatility, and its simple trudging perseverance in the face of plot holes, cast changes, and long years between installments.

    It's Back -- Why the Terminator Is Unstoppable

  • Lopate perceptively notes the plethora of personal details and idiosyncrasies almost customarily revealed in movie criticism, but while he attributes this to a deliberate essayistic technique, writing about the movies (which for so many critics here clearly amounted to writing about their first love) in fact seems to engender that kind of openness which helps explain the passionate engagement, the headlong fluency, and the unfussiness that define so much of the greatest movie criticism.

    Another 5001 Nights at the Movies

  • Macrolife ticks all the right boxes, and it is probably its very unfussiness that has contributed to its longevity. ...good is good and quality tells, and I'm damn sure there's many a current writer of SF who would give their right arms to write a book that will survive as long as this one.

    Archive 2007-01-01

  • Their unfussiness, barnstorming self-confidence and sheer musical nous leaves them untouchable at present.

    Virtual Festivals

  • Although he has opened up over the last few years, liberating himself from the days of denial, his batting retains its practical unfussiness; he is better adept at changing games these days but he does it with the same detached air.

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • In these and other moments, one sees an unfussiness about the direction and editing which suggests that a better script (or any script for that matter) might have resulted in an entertaining movie.


  • Musically, there's unfussiness to the energy of Cold War Kids.

    All articles at Blogcritics

  • The trio has a new bass player, Dino Bardot, but Mr. McKeown’s charming combination of unfussiness and intransigence remains intact.

    CMJ Music Marathon: Party Parodies from 1990s - ArtsBeat Blog -


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