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  • Not generated; not brought into being.


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  • Nevertheless, this was not some sort of ungenerated permanence, something which for the Greeks would have been coterminous with nothing.


  • God is identical with one of the two ungenerated and indestructible first principles (archai) of the universe.


  • Mathematical relationships certainly fit a number of the characteristics of a proper object of thought as set out by Parmenides in Fr. 8, e.g., they are ungenerated, imperishable, and unchangeable (see Huffman 1993, 67-8).


  • For What Is to be (or exist) across times is for it to be ungenerated and deathless; and for it to be what it is across times is for it to be


  • Reason, as deployed in the intricate, multi-staged deduction of fragment 8, reveals what attributes whatever is must possess: whatever is must be ungenerated and imperishable; one, continuous and indivisible; and motionless and altogether unchanging, such that past and future are meaningless for it.


  • These celestial bodies are eternal and ungenerated.

    Aristotle's Natural Philosophy

  • Other than changing place, they are unchangeable, ungenerated and indestructible.


  • We may also see in the following way how impossible it is either for a thing which is generated to be thenceforward indestructible, or for a thing which is ungenerated and has always hitherto existed to be destroyed.

    On the Heavens

  • It is the primary that moves the primary, the simple the simple, the indestructible and ungenerated that which is indestructible and ungenerated.

    On the Heavens

  • As to that which is moved, we have shown that it is primary and simple and ungenerated and indestructible and generally unchanging; and the mover has an even better right to these attributes.

    On the Heavens


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