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  • n. The quality of being ungenerous.


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un- +‎ generosity


  • It was and part of its ungenerosity was the refusal to make any kind of agreements with those countries except with eventual membeship of the EU in mind.

    Turkey 1 - Greece 0

  • Afterward, when the dinner was over, Adrian would go home and awake his wife, Cecil, who, with the brutal honesty of an honest woman, also some of the ungenerosity, had early in her married life flatly refused any share in the ceremonies described.

    O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1920

  • He had a clean and gallant bearing which it was difficult to reconcile with the ungenerosity of his last remark.

    The Kingdom Round the Corner A Novel

  • So pitiable a specimen of feminine inquisitiveness, bad temper and ungenerosity has never been put on the stage as the heroine of a grand opera.

    Richard Wagner

  • Sense of justice was strong in Eleanor; she realized the ungenerosity of this emotion while she continued to harbor it.

    The Readjustment

  • Addressing the storekeeper (his friend for years) he summed up his ungenerosity in these terms: "Your soul, Henry," he said, "is so mean, that if there were a million souls like it in the belly of a flea, they'd be so far apart they couldn't hear each other holler."

    Roving East and Roving West

  • Now Michael was an adept at giving; as indicated before, when he gave, he gave nobly, and he could not only outwardly disregard, but he inwardly cancelled the wonderful ungenerosity with which his father received.


  • "I was not thinking of that," cried Kirsteen, feeling the ungenerosity of her motives.

    Kirsteen: The Story of a Scotch Family Seventy Years Ago

  • As for actresses, it surely would be the height of ungenerosity to blame a woman for following the only regular profession commanding fame and fortune the kind consideration of man has left open to her.

    Obiter Dicta

  • These were the two things uppermost in my mind; and I could open my mouth upon neither without black ungenerosity.

    Kidnapped: The Adventures of David Balfour


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