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  • adj. Not wearing a glove; barehanded.


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  • He rubbed and wiped, with the ungloved hand under his nose.

    Christmas Magic

  • He scrambled and pulled with his hands, the nails of his ungloved hand catching on the sharp imperfections of the ice, and he drug himself, another body's length to where the ice had opened up, to a black hole of water.

    Christmas Magic

  • The box could not have been heavy, as she managed it easily with ungloved hands that showed the ash and wrinkles of a very old trooper.

    French Word-A-Day:

  • Those relying on changes in electrical resistance tend to have poorer resolution than is needed for modern applications, while those that rely on capacitance require an ungloved finger.

    Optical LCDs: Touchless Touch-Screens Could Be On The Horizon

  • He grabbed my hand to demonstrate, one of the few minutes my hand was ungloved and out of my pocket.

    Timing. «

  • “Should you ever fly a gos, and it decides to go for your eyes, you can turn and shield your face with your ungloved hand.”


  • Surreptitiously I reach my ungloved right hand into the pocket of my jacket to part the lips of the baggie hidden there.


  • His hand darted into his coat and withdrew a long serrated knife, the kind butchers used to cut through bone, while the woman, snapping into action, moved toward Tessa, her ungloved hands outstretched.

    Clockwork Angel

  • On the television in front of him some fundie preacher is talking about workers coming forward and volunteering to get tested, so people can touch hands in friendship, ungloved.

    White Cat

  • After a moment or two of holding her boots to the fire and noisily blowing on her ungloved fingers, she rose and began to wander about.

    One Night in Scotland


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