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  • adjective Not glycosylated


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  • Of note, unglycosylated isoform is underrepresented in all NaPTA precipitated samples as compared with that of the TH preparations (see panel A, lanes 3 and 4 and panel B).

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  • The cerebellar unglycosylated PrP res isoform generates a thicker and overall slightly faster migrating band than the corresponding PrP res from the cerebral cortex.

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  • C: A high-resolution immunoblot (15%, 15 cm long gel) confirms that the monoglycosylated and unglycosylated PrP res isoforms from the cerebellum have a faster electrophoretic mobility than the corresponding forms from the cerebral cortex, and shows that the cerebellar unglycosylated isoform resolves into three fragments including a 19 kDa band, corresponding to PrP res type 2, and two additional bands of slightly lower relative molecular weight

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  • In addition to being PK-sensitive, C1 could be easily distinguished from the unglycosylated form of PrP Immunoblot analysis of total homogenate from brain, pituitary gland and uterus are shown.

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  • One exception is the cerebellum where the monoglycosylated and unglycosylated PrP res isoform migrated slightly faster than the PrP res from other brain regions and resolved in three bands.

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  • Biosynthesis of an unglycosylated envelope glycoprotein of Rous sarcoma virus in the presence of tunicamycin

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  • A: Immunoblot of total homogenates (TH), treated with proteinase K (PK), obtained from the frontal cortex of sCJDMM1, sCJDMM2 (representing PrP res types 1 and 2, respectively) and the present case showing the over-representation of the upper band (Diglyc.) containing the diglycosylated form, and the co-migration of the lowest band (Unglyc.), containing the unglycosylated form, with the corresponding band of sCJDMM2.

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  • When a high resolution gel (15%, 15 cm long) was used, the PrP res unglycosylated form in the cerebellum appeared to resolve into three bands, which included the band corresponding to the PrP res type 2 of 19 kDa and two additional bands that migrated about 0.5 kDa and 1 kDa faster (

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  • Generally, in the NaPTA preparations the unglycosylated form was less well represented than in the TH preparations (

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