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  • adj. Not graduated.


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un- +‎ graduated


  • Almost simultaneously, with a mighty volition of ungraduated, instantaneous swiftness, the White Whale darted through the weltering sea.

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • Cambridge, or breaking away from those classic bounds ungraduated, entered the Inns of Court, according to the custom of their day and their condition.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 21, July, 1859

  • The will and the emotions, ductile as they will never be again, are ready to make full and ungraduated response to any genuine appeal to enthusiasm.

    The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day

  • Further, a complete and ungraduated response to stimulus -- an

    The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day

  • At any rate, I was so glad to see her that, being still ungraduated in the steps of rank (though beginning to like a good footing there), I ran up and took her by both hands, and fetched her out of her grand courtesy and into a low chair.

    Erema — My Father's Sin

  • Thick, black layers of shapeless cloud hung over the whole firmament, save at the western point; and here lay a streak of pale, yellow light, enclosed on all sides by the firm, ungraduated, irregular edges of the masses of gloomy vapour around it.


  • Since our professors seem to have lost the art of colouring, I am glad at least that they have ungraduated assessors.

    The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 4

  • I gave myself a whole holiday -- sometimes the most precious part of my life both for myself and those for whom I labour -- and wandered about on the shore, now passing the children, and assailed with a volley of cries and entreaties to look at this one's castle and that one's ditch, now leaving them behind, with what in its ungraduated flatness might well enough personate an endless desert of sand between, over the expanse of which I could imagine them disappearing on a far horizon, whence however a faint occasional cry of excitement and pleasure would reach my ears.

    The Seaboard Parish Volume 3

  • There's a crowd going out somewhere, and we can join the ranks of the great ungraduated for the last time. "

    A Master's Degree


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